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Download OBS Broadcast from your Computer to Streaming Social Media

Stream to Facebook, twitch or others Live for free from your Mac or PC using OBS Studio and others. Publish to Facebook Pages, Profiles and Groups with live video.Free Download Software Broadcast from your Computer to Streaming
Free Download Software Broadcast from your Computer to Streaming
OBS Broadcast Studio

Choose your Live Video Tool...

If you want to broadcast from your computer, you'll need to use an app. This can be a web app that runs in your browser (such as Facebook itself, or BlueJeans) or an app that runs on your Mac or PC (usually known as an encoder).

You can now broadcast to Facebook Live from your computer. You can stream to your Facebook profile, pages, groups or event pages.
Facebook allow you to do this simply via the Facebook website.
But in this article, I am going to show you how to take things further so you can use multiple cameras, embed videos and audio files, and overlay images all with slick transitions.
There are quite a few that work with Facebook Live, but the most popular ones are OBS Studio and Wirecast, but there are others...

Download AREA

  • OBS Studio (Mac, PC & Linux, Free, Open Source)
  • Wirecast (Mac & PC, from $695)
  • vMix (PC only, Free & from $60)
  • XSplit Broadcaster (Windows only, Free version and from $4.17/month)
  • mimoLive (Mac only - $199/yr for personal use, from $699/yr for commercial)
  • Ecamm Live (Mac only, $29.95)
  • BeLive - (web app with guests and multiple camera angles, Free & from $12/mth)
  • Lightstream (web app, currently free)
  • BlueJeans onSocial (Web app - initial price $39.95/mth for live meetings with up to 25 guests and live streaming to Facebook)
  • Zoom - (Mac & PC - Facebook integration on paid version with Webinar bolt-on - from $14.99+$40/mth upwards)

Free Download Software Broadcast from your Computer to Streaming
OBS Studio FanArt 
Then there are some apps and tools that offer video meetings or broadcasts but don't currently integrate with Facebook Live. The good news, you can integrate these with Facebook Live by sharing the window in OBS Studio and Wirecast. Examples include:
Webinar platforms such as GoToWebinar, WebinarJam etc

In this article, I will guide you how to set up the free OBS Studio to broadcast to Facebook Live (to your profile, groups or pages). OBS Studio is incredibly powerful, and it's free!

Both OBS Studio and Wirecast can use many different sources for your live stream including:
Multiple webcams
DSLR cameras
Image and Videos on your computer
Your phone's camera (via an IP Camera app)
Your display
A Window on your computer

They support multiple displays at the same time (including picture-in-picture) and you can easily set up keyboard shortcuts with slick scene transitions. OBS Studio and Wirecast allow you to stream to a plethora of services including Facebook Live and YouTube.

OBS Studio is an amazing piece of kit, however, if you're wanting more power and features, and you want to take things to the next level, then I highly recommend Wirecast. It costs $495, which might be a hefty investment for some, but it's an amazing tool. It does pretty much the same thing as OBS Studio, and although it's perhaps a little more fiddly to use, you have many more features to play with.
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